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The Deepest Night

The Deepest Night - Shana Abe Naked. Naked Naked Naked. Ironically, what comes to mind first when I think of this book is that two of the main characters seemed to be naked all the time. At least, when they weren’t dragons. And it wasn’t like they were having sex, either. They just happened to get used to be naked, because switching back-and-forth between humans, smoke, and an awesome powerful dragon body doesn’t bode well for wearing clothing.

I don’t blame them. I like being naked too.

Of course, the plot of The Deepest Night has nothing to do with nakedness, and although there is a lot of wonderful romance, the story isn’t about sex (though we do have plenty of sexual tension). I just feel like I needed at least one paragraph in my review to note that there is a lot of nakedness in this book.

On the other hand, unlike the last book, this book is all about being dragons, rather than the discovery that the characters are indeed fantastical creatures.

One of the things I loved about The Deepest Night is that there was much more of a plot and active storyline. I absolutely adored the first book in these series, The Sweetest Dark. It was strange, unique, and it made me melt into a spectacular fantasy, in which I had no clue what was unfolding. It wasn’t until weeks later that I realized nothing actually happened in it. I mean, there was some random action at the end, but it was really a story of a girl’s discovery of herself.

This book on the other hand, had all the wonderful qualities of the first book- the amazing poetic writing, the mystery, the strange “callings” they all feel from the sky and stones. And of course, the main character, the delightful, broken, and loved Lora is still just as awesome (and snarky) as she was in the last book. Armond and Jessie are also still in this novel, but one of them is drastically different than in the last book, having since been transformed.

But, back to the plot- it was quite obvious from the beginning, with all the pieces falling together that this book was about a literal journey. Hence, in addition to all of the great things about the last book, there was also a lot more action as they traveled through a war-zone.

There was one or two things about this book which I thought were a little weird- the appearance of another girl which was never accounted for and the newest entry of Armond’s brother, who kinda made me a little uncomfortable. Maybe he is actually a great guy and all, but since I don’t know him yet - I guess we’ll have to wait until the third book to find out!

Taking place again during world war two, in England and Europe, if you love romance, fantasy, and just strange creativity, this book is beyond excellent. It is like a spectacular dream you want to disappear into, which somehow still actually makes sense. So go ahead and fall into this Deepest Night!


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