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Untitled (Pivot Point, #2)

Untitled (Pivot Point, #2) - Kasie West 4.5 stars

Seriously. Just awesome. I'm buying everything Kasie West writes.

Split Second had a different feel to it than Pivot Point, but it was still almost as good as the first book, which was one of my favorite reads last year. Kasie West does an incredible job of sucking you into her stories, writing about complex issues and situations, while at the same time, keeping things simple.

I loved reading from Laila's viewpoint (as well as Addie's) this time around. She had such a different voice and perspective. I love her attitude, her strength, and her loyalty. She had every reason to let her life spiral out of control, with her completely screwed up father, but she doesn't. She takes charge of her life and turns it into something good. Her romantic relationship was exciting to read, and so different from the sweet romance that Addie found in the last book. I loved it! And the way she loves her brother and Addie, and looks out for them, is awesome!

It was really interesting to see the way Addie had to start over in her relationship with Trevor in this book. In a way I wish there had been a little more relationship development between them, but it was still really good. ("Tell me three things.") It was fantastic falling in love with them all over again.

There are a few things I wish had been a little more resolved, like things with The Compound, with Addie's powers and Laila's father and brother. I feel like there were a lot of "bigger picture" storylines that were brought up but not fully explored. So I'm really hoping this duology turns into a trilogy. I mean, really, WE NEED MORE TREVOR (yep, Connor too!!)

One of the things I love best about these books is how they're able to appeal to all ages. I'm 37 years old, my older daughter is 19, and my younger daughter is 13, and we all love Kasie's writing. I have no doubt that when I give the books to my 60 year old mother, she will love them too! How many authors have managed that? And everyone I talk to has loved these books as much as we do! Well done, Kasie West. Well done! I can't wait to see what you have for us next!

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