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Kingdom's Dawn

Kingdom's Dawn - Chuck Black I read this book after it was recommended to me by a friend. I thought it'd just be another short read that I'd forget about quickly. Kingdom's Dawn is pretty much the bible in medieval times. And it's friggen' awesome. Honestly, I expected it to be a little cheesy. But, from start to finish the book is pure action. I was more then a little surprised at how much I liked it and very disappointed that I hadn't thought to get the second one at the library at the same time I got the first one. The main character, Lianad, plays the roles of multiple people in the bible. Abel, Noah, Moses, and many others. Chuck Black does a very good job of converting events in the bible into a more fantasy aspect while not completely taking the story of the bible out of it.Chuck Black has a great writing style that he puts to great use in this book. The story was great. He did a great job of introducing and maturing (for lack of a better term) characters. For a third-person book he really explained their personalities well. You got to know the characters well even in the shortness of the book.This is a great first part to the series. An easy read that is very epic. A lot of authors need 500 some-odd pages to achieve this. Not Chuck Black. This was pure awesomeness.Austin (

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