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Sword in the Stars

The Sword in the Stars - Wayne Thomas Batson Medieval fantasy has always been a favorite genre of mine. I guess this started with Tolkien and Lewis, and ever since I've loved this type of book. The Sword in the Stars has been recommended to me by several friends for several months, so I decided to finally give it a try. I was immediately captivated in this story. It relies heavily on Christian allegory while simultaneously having its own incredible story. And the fact that it has freaking awesome cover art didn't hurt either. Wayne Thomas Batson has always been a favorite of mine. I read his Door Within trilogy a few years ago, and that is one of my favorite series to date. Although, having just started the second installment of The Dark Sea Annals series, I might have to move The Door Within down on my favorites list. These books definitely have the potential to be an amazing story, and so far it's definitely going in that direction. This is a great read for middle school and up. Like I said before, this is a Christian allegory book (Like most of Batson's work) so it will definitely encourage Bible reading and leads to many questions. It is well-written, and extremely compelling. This book will keep you reading until you run out of pages, and then you will only want

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