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Splintered - A.G. Howard I was very excited to get Splintered in the mail. I felt very honored to be on this blog tour. I was nervous though, I will say. I have been friends with the very sweet Anita Grace Howard, for some time on Twitter. I had no idea, at first, that she was even a writer. Long time ago, I had made a silent vow to myself, that I would never become good friends with an author on Twitter. Just so that, if I ever need to give negative review, I could without feeling guilty and losing a friend.Well, I can take a huge sigh of relief... Ahhhhh. Not only is Splintered an amazing Alice in Wonderland'ish ride, I also get to praise my dear Twitter friend A. G. Howard, for writing such an amazing book. So it's a win win all around.Alyssa has kind of a strange family. All the females on Alyssa's mother's side are crazy (sounds a little like the females in my family). Well, they hear bugs talk and see strange things no one else sees or hears. Alyssa has had to go through life thinking her mother was insane. Her mother has been locked up in Soul's Asylum ever since Alyssa was a little girl. As soon as Alyssa hits puberty, she starts to hear the bugs speak to her. Alyssa believes that her family is cursed by her great-great-great-great grandmother Alice from Wonderland.Alyssa decides to go back to Wonderland to break the spell over her family. The only thing is, her family situation, is not the only thing bothering Alyssa. She also has a major crush on a longtime friend named Jebediah, "Jeb". She is totally nuts for her hot next door neighbor. They have been best friends since the sixth grade. Now that Jeb is dating someone else, Alyssa is frustrated by the whole situation. It all just feels wrong. She knows Jeb feels something for her too, she just needs to figure out how much.When Alyssa decides to go to Wonderland to break the curse once and for all, she is not alone. Yes, that's right! Jeb tags along, he would not have it any other way. He does care for Alyssa, he just doesn't know how to tell her. They have been best friends for so long. When they jump together down the rabbit hole, everything seems so much different than the sweet "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. Everything is creepier, darker. Wrong.Splintered is so romantic, with Jeb trying to wooo Alyssa, and show his true feelings to her. Jeb is her knight in shining armor, that is until Morpheus shows up. Morpheus is quite the distraction for Alyssa in Wonderland. Now Alyssa is torn. Where Jeb is caring romantic and protective, Morpheus is a mysterious sexy bad boy.Take this journey with Alyssa as she tries to fix Alice's mistakes, made in Wonderland long ago, to save her family. With the help of Jeb, they go through many life threatening obstacles and adventures. I have no doubt you will want to jump into the rabbit hole, with me, after you read Splintered!Book Dopplegangers:Sister's Red by Jackson PearceKill Me Softly by Sarah Cross-AmySexual: MinorProfanity: NoneViolence: ModerateFor full content info for Splintered go to Parental Book Reviews.

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