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MILA 2.0

MILA 2.0 - At a Glance:MILA 2.0 was a fast-paced, non-stop, exciting adventure that grabbed hold of me from the start and kept me interested until the very end. Though there were things that didn't sit quite right with me, the writing and the intensity left me not caring about those things, and just having fun reading this thrilling story!Cover:I adore the cover! I love her hair, and the digital aspect. It's perfect, and it would definitely catch my eye on the shelf.Action:Like I said before, once the action started, it was pretty much non-stop. The feel of the book was kind of Bourne Identity/Alias/Johnny Mnemonic (look it up). There was (android) hand-to-hand combat, simulators, car chases, gun-fighting and more. Romance:This book just hinted at a romance, but it was sweet. It isn't the focus of the book, yet I didn't miss it at all (and I usually do). I did like the romance that was there, but there was something that REALLY bugged me....but I can't say.....because it's a spoiler, and if I tell you, Mila will track me down with her internal tracker and incapacitate me. Heroine:Mila was a really interesting heroine, because she's an android that believes she's a human. When she finds out that her memory and her parts are fabricated, she spends much of the book struggling internally with how human she is, if at all. There were times she really frustrated me, because she was so reluctantly tough, but she's slowly coming to terms with who she is, and what she can do.Favorite Supporting Character:My favorite supporting Character would have to be Lucas. I was never quite sure what to think about him, but he had moments of heroism that I loved, and his geekiness was just too cute. Something I loved:The action scenes. Driza really knows how to write these fantastically.Something(s) I hated:Well.....there were a couple of things that really bugged me. One I will say is this: Why on earth, if Mila's mother was trying to hide from the government, would she not have changed Mila's name? And she was supposed to be so smart!!Cliffhanger? Though the story is definitely not over, it didn't really feel like a huge cliffhanger, which I'm thankful for. I hate it when we're left completely hanging. Would I recommend it?Yes! I think a lot of people are going to like this book, and I have a feeling there's going to be a little more romance along with the action in the next book.Book Doppelgangers:Uglies/Pretties/Specials by Scott Westerfeld, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson, Skinny by Robin Wasserman-AndyeReadingTeen.netContent: Sexual Content: None Profanity: Mild* Violence: HeavyFor more details, check out MILA 2.0 on

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