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Goddess - Josephine Angelini At a Glance:The Starcrossed series has been, and continues to be, one of my favorite series of all time. I've loved every minute of these books, from beginning to end, and I'm so glad that I picked these books up. They are filled with fascinating mythology, intense fighting, incredible family moments, and a romance that evokes every emotion you have. I absolutely loved it!Cover:I love the covers. They're perfect for the modern setting mixed with the ancient Greek mythology. I also love how they have stayed consistent and all look good on my shelf! :DAction:These books are filled with action, from beginning to end, and Goddess is no exception. I love that even though Helen isn't a natural fighter, that doesn't mean she's soft or weak. She seriously takes charge and kicks some crazy butt in this book!Romance:I absolutely love the tension-filled romance that is in this series. It's one of the most frustrating-yet-fantastic romances I've read in YA. Star-crossed love will always have so much more of an emotional pull, and Lucas and Helen are about as star-crossed as you can get. I loved every minute, even the torturous ones!Heroine:Helen is the epitome of the word heroine. In this book, even more than the others, so much rises and falls on Helen and the choices she makes. I love that she isn't just strong, she's also smart. She has to use her wit to get her out of trouble, and eventually to try and save humanity from the gods, who are wreaking havoc on the world and everyone in it. Helen is....well....she's just awesome!Hero:There are so many heros in this book. The two everyone cares about are Lucas and Orion, though. I have to say, I love them both. They are both fantastic guys who will do anything for Helen and for all their family and friends. I love that they can be completely different, but they're still both awesome guys, there isn't one who is the "bad guy." They also really care about each other (since they're now blood brothers), which I thought added a lot to the feel of the book. So much is expected of them, and they don't disappoint.Favorite Supporting Character:I love so many of the supporting characters. I think that's one of the things that is so awesome about this series, that the supporting characters have such personality. I feel like I know them and love them all! If I had to pick, though, I know I'd pick Hector. I LOVE HIM!! He's just so funny, and such as smart-a**Something I loved:Honestly, every minute of this entire series. In this book, I really, really enjoyed the flashbacks of Troy and Camelot. The way everything tied together was so cool, and those are two of my favorite legends/histories so it was extra awesome.Something(s) I hated:That you almost made me cry, Angelini!Cliffhanger? This is the last book in the series, so it's all wrapped up. Though, there are a couple of things left kind of hanging.....which means.....there could be more???? (Please!!)Would I recommend it?Yes, yes, yes! I don't read a lot of paranormal romance, but I'm so glad that I read this series!Will I buy/keep it?I have an ARC, but I have to buy a hardcover! Book Doppelgangers:In my first review of this series, I said if Twilight and Percy Jackson had a baby, it would be this book. I'll stand by that, but it's a really smart baby :D-AndyeReadingTeen.netContent: Content was the same or less than that of Starcrossed and Dreamless.

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