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Mind Games

Mind Games - At a Glance:Mind Games is a super-quick, exciting, and entertaining read that will keep you on your toes, and have you questioning everyone and everything. Although some may find the timeline confusing, if you can engage your brain for a few hours, I think you'll come away really enjoying this book. Cover:This is one of those covers that I don't really have strong feelings about one way or the other. I wouldn't pick it up based on the cover, but I wouldn't be turned off by it either. Action:Lots of action in this one! Some surprisingly intense and graphic scenes, though nothing way over the top. Fia has been trained to kick some major butt, and kick butt she does!Romance:The romance is secondary to the story, but it is full of tension none-the-less. There's a bit of a love triangle, but I don't think it will be one that bothers people. I actually think the contrast between the two guys makes things more interesting, and kind of represents the type of life that Fia is choosing. I enjoyed the tension!Heroines:Fia: Although the book is told from both sisters' points of view, I think Fia comes off as the main main character. I have to admit, she got on my nerves. At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book, because she was so spastic and her voice was kind of neurotic. However, as I kept reading, I started to understand why she was that way. It was kind-of a coping mechanism, from living with people who were constantly reading your mind or emotions. If she ever wanted any kind of privacy, she had to be something that no one could understand. Fia's gift is that her instincts are infallible, so instead of dwelling on anything, and running the risk of being found out, she lives completely in the moment. In the end, I decided I do like Fia. She's smart and tough, but still vulnerable and completely loyal, and she'll do whatever it takes to keep her sister safe.Annie: I loved that Annie's voice was completely different than Fia's. While Fia is all over the place, Annie is a rock. Annie is blind, but she has visions of things that may happen in the future. She uses these visions to try to help her sister, but often just ends up making things worse. Although she can be naive, and (figuratively) blind to what's going on around her, she is a kind and loving person, and I liked her a lot.(Anti-)Hero:James is definitely the anti-hero in this book, and I completely loved him. Shocking, I know! I think I'm doomed to forever fall for this character. You never quite know if he's good or bad, or whose side he's on, but you love him anyway.If there's a hero, I guess it's Adam, though you don't see too much of his personality. He's quirky and awkward, and completely adorable. He's the guy you want for your daughter, even if you wouldn't want him for yourself :PFavorite Supporting Character:I actually didn't like any of the supporting characters. I thought they were all either total jerks, or completely selfish.Something I loved:I loved the all-over-the-place timeline. I know I've heard that some people found it confusing, but I love having to think about things, and seeing how everything lines up in the end. Yes, you do have to actually read the chapter headings, but I think we can all handle it!Something I hated:Ms. Robertson. Girl, you have problems. I also wish that (Sr.) Keane's character had been fleshed out a little more. He could be a really sinister villain if we could see a little more into his world.Cliffhanger? Yeah, kind-of. Things were somewhat resolved, but we're really left not knowing what's going to happen with everyone. I guess that's what book 2 is for.Would I recommend it?If you enjoy secret-agent/psychological thriller type books with a narrator that likes run-on sentences (and lots of parenthesis), then I think you'll like this one! :DBook Doppelgangers:Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Heist Society by Ally Carter-AndyeReadingTeen.netContent: Profanity: Mentioned by not used Sexual Content: Mild Violence: Heavy Other Notables: Underage Drinking/Drunkenness For more details, check out Mind Games on

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