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Reboot - Amy Tintera At a Glance:Reboot was like a mixture of Vampires, Zombies, Robots and Judge Dredd, though it was none of these things, and I ate up every bit of it. With action, twists, great futuristic world-building, and a cute romance, this is a book most people will really enjoy.The Audio:When I got this for review, I saw the name Khristine Hvam and it was an immediate yes. I loved her narration of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and I wasn't disappointed in her reading of Reboot. She has a great voice, and has a good range of character voices. I love the intensity and emotion she brought to the book. I really feel like she helped make the book even better. Yes, this is one you should buy!I Want to be a Reboot:One of the great things a book (an author) can do, is make it to where, even if the situation is horrible, part of you still kind-of wants to BE the main character. I know that Wren is basically....well....dead, and that she's told what to do and her life isn't exactly awesome, but I still want to be her! She was just cool. I loved how hard core she was. Not just that fact that she could knock you on your face in two seconds flat, but also that after she did, she'd tell you to get your whiny butt up and let her do it again. I loved her flat, dry humor, and I loved that she was basically like a super hero. Yeah, if I die....I hope I reboot! And I hope it's after 179 minutes!A Sad World:Amy Tintera does a great job showing the desperation and decline of society. The way that the humans treat the reboots is both sad and sadly realistic. People hate what they don't know. I really felt like I could visualize the cities and HARC where the Reboots live. The Reboots' job is to capture criminals and sick people, bring them into HARC (or sometimes kill them), and never ask questions about why. Gruesome Action and a Sick Twist:The Reboots are definitely not timid when it comes to violence. There's quite a bit of fighting, bone breaking (then replacing of the bone....), shooting, blood and death. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but I have to admit, I really like the action. Oh yeah, and there's something pretty disgusting that happens sometimes at lunch. I won't say just in case you haven't heard, but.....vomit.178 + 22 = Adorable:When Wren first meets 22 (Callum), she's anything but impressed. But after awhile, his adorable charms and never ending patience wins 178 (Wren) over. I really loved them together. I love how hard she was, and how he just let her insults roll off him. They reminded me a little of Katniss and Peeta in the way that he was pretty much useless in this arena, and she was completely proficient and callused, but still she needs him as much, if not more than, he needs her. Book Doppelgangers:The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy, Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Ward by Jordana Frankel-Andye ReadingTeen.netContent: Sexual Content: Moderate Profanity: Moderate Violence: HeavyFor more details, click check out Reboot on

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