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The End Games

The End Games - At a Glance:Zombie books. Despite the fact that zombies have become somewhat of a fashion in YA fiction, I still haven't grown tired of books about dead people eating alive people. However, if you take an interesting zombie apocalypse plot and add a video game scenario, such as that in The End Games? Count me in.Cover:I have admitted many times to judging books by their covers. As much as I hate it, it's just something that I do. And I was immediately interested in The End Games after seeing the awesome cover that it has. I mean, let's be series. Dead trees make for cool book covers. Especially when they spell out words, and their branches for general zombie-creepiness.Action:Probably the best thing about this book, in my humble opinion, was the never-ending action. I never wanted to put this thing down, it was so enthralling. At one point, I had to tear myself away from the book to go pull my taquitos out of the oven for fear of starting a kitchen fire. Darned taquitos.Romance:There was actually a surprisingly delightful romance in this otherwise generally creepy and gruesome novel. I'm not one who is usually very interested in the romantic aspects of books, but there are a few instances when an author succeeds in making me feel all fuzzy inside. Good job, Mr. Martin.Hero:Michael Faris is the main character of this book, and a very good one at that. This book is absolutely hilarious with the dialogue between Michael and his younger brother, Patrick. Michael is brave when he needs to be, always willing to do just about anything if it meant keeping his brother safe. He is definitely a well-developed character, and a delight to read about.Favorite Supporting Character:My favorite supporting character in this book is Michael's five-year-old brother, Patrick. Whether it's by making video game references, or using his robot-voice in serious situations, Patrick always kept a level of humor in the book.Something I loved:I loved that this wasn't just another zombie book. It was a well-developed, well thought-out plot with a unique take on the undead. Bonus points to Mr. Martin for originality.Something(s) I hated:I can't think of anything about this book that I hated, besides the fact that there wasn't more to read. At 384 pages, The End Games is by no means a short book, but there was definitely a level of sadness as I read that last page. This is definitely a story that I would like to see more of.Cliffhanger? Though this book wrapped up very nicely, not really ending in a cliffhanger, I would still love to see a sequel out of it. A continuation of this story would make me a happy reader.Would I recommend it?Definitely. Anybody who is looking for a new take on zombie books, The End Games is what you should

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