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Parallel - Lauren   Miller At a Glance:Parallel was so weird! Wild! Confusing! And it turned out good! It was mostly contemporary mixed with some sci-fi. Parallel is a convergence between Hourglass, Timepiece, Unravelling, Slide, with some over-arching Back To The Future and some Anna and the French Kiss cute romance woven in.Action:No. Nada. Not a single smidgen of action. Unless life being changed as you make decisions in the past counts as action. And I don’t count that as action.Romance:The romance is what made this story good. Not the relationships itself, although like I said, there was a cute romance thrown in there. Really, though, it was the way that you had no clue what would happen with the romances. There was so much time-jumping and changing that trying to guess who Abby would end up with was making me fly through pages. I am not sure I comprehended anything within them except who she was with at any given time.Hero:Abby. She was sweet. I liked her, I guess. I didn’t dislike her. I was mostly indifferent. I didn’t particularly connect with her because I am just not really like her. She is so pragmatic, she has a life plan and she has fun doing stuff I wouldn’t like. But, I guess we both like the stars, art and boys? Throughout the book she switches back-and-forth between being a part highschool senior and part college freshman. She is great student, loyal and generally a good friend.Favorite Supporting Character:The author, Lauren Miller, did a great job at creating the supporting characters. Her close friends, Catlin, Tyler, and Marissa were cool. Then there was Michael, Josh, and Brett- the love interests. Josh in particular was so adorable. And I really loved the best friend, Catlin. WIthout her, Abby just wouldn’t survive. This book is nothing without the BFF.Something I loved:I loved that Miller threw in some knife-wrenching changes to the timeline, which really made it interesting. But, because Andye hates when I throw spoilers into my reviews, I can’t really say more than that. Basically, I loved not knowing who Abby was going to end up with and where.Something I hated:I really wish it wasn’t as confusing as it was. Miller threw in a lot of, um, astrophysics, and with the constant changes in the timeline, it was just all over the place. I kept forgetting which reality would work now and would have to go back to see how something small changed a lot. Between chapters 4-8 where I wasn’t that entertained, it almost wasn’t worth the work.Would I recommend it?Yes! Actually, I would. If you like contemporary at all, you will probably like this unless you get confused easy and then on top of which, you can’t handle staying confused. And if you don’t like romance, don’t bother either.Content:Light kissing and some sexual joking. There was also underage drinking and illegal trespassing. No language except at one point someone says “effing.”Rating:If you asked me 3/4th through the book, it would have been a 3 or maybe 3.5. But after reading the end, I am bumping it up to a 4!By Elisa (@AverageAdvocate) at“Inspiring the average American to change the world to end poverty and injustice.”

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